Monday, June 1, 2009

School Is Absolutely Out

So we decided that some craft projects would be a great way to start the summer off. My girls are very responsible and with me only feet away, what could possibly go wrong. Well, lets just say that things can go wrong within seconds and now my kitchen counter has a burn hole in it. Gotta love them!! I will not say which lovely child broke my beautiful home, but at this point I really wished we had upgraded to tile counter tops when we had the chance. Guess what we will be doing next???


debra g said...

Kids are hazardous to style and beauty in the home!

hillari said...

Oh dear...I can so relate. That's one reason I love my table--it is cheap and junky and scarred and ruined, so when fingernail polish spills on it, I honestly don't even care! Sad when things happen to things you do care about. :(

The West Family said...

Yeah... Leather was the fix for spills on the sofa. But we were too cheap to get tile counter tops and floors. Now what to do?