Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We have had a year of personal growth, good health and learning on every level. For the upcoming year, our goals are to continue following the path set before us, be examples for our children and those around us, and look to the future as our children quickly grow before our eyes. I will add that I finally graduate in June and we all can't wait.

Patrick Starts Scouts

Our big "8 yr old" starts scouts tonight. He is so excited to be hanging with his buddies and making new friends. This will be a really good experience for Patrick and his Leaders. You know who you are!

Special Invitation for our friends and family. Patrick's Baptism is set for Saturday-January 3rd 10am at the Stake Center.Patrick would be really pleased to see those that care about him there.

Patrick Celebrates Turning 8

Turning 8 seemed like a very long event for Patrick. He was able to share in the excitement with his classmates. He helped me make cupcakes with candy canes on top. Then a few days later he had an all sport party with his closest buddies. They played flag football, baseball toss and made their own pizzas. I even got roped into making one of my ice cream cakes. I still think the kids would just be so excited with a big bowl of frosting and some spoons. Then I can send them all home. Just kidding friends.